E Pro Indoor LED Display 500 x 500mm

Support Pixel Pitch 1.9/2.6/2.9/3.9 mm
Module Size (mm) 250 x 250
Cabinet Dimension (mm) 500 x 500 x 63
Cabinet Dimension (inch) 19.69″ x 19.69″ x 3.94″

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Commercial Indoor LED Display – E Pro Series 

E Pro Series is an upgraded indoor led display of new cabinet size 500 x 500 mm based on the first E Series, it’s able to cover more LED applications for indoor fixed installation as well as used for LED rental in somewhere. 

rental screen display

Fast Installation &  Easy Maintenance

E Pro Indoor LED Display is supported dual service with front and rear maintenance, as well as visualized back cover design without any tools for LED panel, plug in-out deisgn to release power supply, fast lock at side, all these designs makes LED panel installation can be assemble and disassemble easily and quickly. 

E Pro Indoor LED Display

Hot Dual Backup For Signals 

Dual Backup is stable and reliable.

Indoor LED Display Hub

Data Redundancy & Current Sharing Backup

indoor led display


Electromagnetic Compatibility and Protection





E Pro Series meets the standards of electromagnetic compatibility such as CE, ETL FCC, and 3C. It can effectively shield electromagnetic waves, preventing electromagnetic interference to the outside environment. Meanwhile, it has capability of anti-interference against outside. 


Excellent Visual Performance

As PWM IC driver was applied on E Pro Series, it enhances visual refresh rate by reinforcing pulse wave width and dividing conducting time to numbers of shorter conducting time. Besides, GCLK frequency multiplier increases GCLK frequency doubling refresh rate. 

High Refresh Rate 3840Hz

indoor led display E pro


High Grayscale 16 bit

High Refresh rate E pro Series


Not only refresh rate, E Pro Series grayscale also benefits from PWM IC driver. Grayscale is smoother comparing with common IC driver specially at low grayscale.


Super Wide View Angle 

E Pro LED panel wide view angle


Calibration Technology

rental LED display

E Pro Series supports calibration technology. After calibration, the products brightness and color will perform more uniform and consistent. 


Calibration Data Storage

indoor led panel


E Pro Series LED module has memory function, calibration data can be stored in every module. When replacing defected modules with new module, receiving card will read back calibration data from new module. It prevents color and brightness difference after LED module replacement. 


Multiple Installation

E Pro Series is an indoor fixed installation LED Display which supports multiple installation methods.

newstar LED Installation


E pro indoor led panl


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