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NewStar LED Display Products

Looking for a reliable and high-quality LED Display Solution? Look no further than us. We have wide selections of LED Display that suit your specific needs!

NewStar LED Display Series are of high-quality, best in performance, and high reliability. This gives you value to your hard-earned money.  For most companies and businesses, the concept of changing from conventional display solution to LED Panel is regarded as a good investment whatever for indoor and outdoor using

It is vital to know that an LED digital screen is an integrated solution. This is a selection of high-resolution display which is driven by influential processing and computing technology, also known as video wall controller. The system behind the LED screen is far more complex and powerful. NewStar LED Display is able to provide performance, interactivity as well as flexibility.

Features of our LED Display models

  • Customized flawless displays of any dimension are likely for your organization
  • Obtain ideal black what is not obtainable with LCD screens
  • LED is better than LCD screen since it doesn’t use a bright light bulb as of which it is lighter and slender
  • LED helps in consuming less vitality as well as spare a tone of strength.
  • LED offers splendid image quality by enhancing the difference and advancing the range of colors.
  • Our LED Video walls can be structurally planned to take around and hollow, oval or curve shapes, upgrading the ambiance and the look
  • Our product generates glint free image that eliminates eye exhaustion, cerebral pains as well as eye strains

The Benefits of Our LED Display

There are many good reasons why you need to consider our digital led screen such as:

High Resolution

First and foremost, our LED video wall is made from a covered selection of displays. The whole resolution of the show surface is able to go up. Our LED video walls have way bigger show space as well as higher resolutions compared to the projector. What is more, they are scalable compared to projectors as the show surface can be increased without affecting the quality of the image.

Powerful Processing System

In our LED Video wall system, there is an external controller that processes video and image. The video wall controllers leverage more commanding process hardware. These amazing processing capabilities allow our products to provide remarkable and extraordinary performance. It also shows an image with high numbers of resolution.

Superior Brightness

Our LED video wall provides far better brightness as well as rations than the most expensive projectors out there. Because we use state of the art display technology, they are less susceptible to being eliminated by ambient light. The displays additionally sustain consistent brightness in spite of the size. We have the best and perfect LED video wall solution for your shopping mall, restaurant, retail store, event as well as outdoor uses.

For more information about the LED Video wall, please feel free to visit our website or contact our customer hotline number. We have wide selections of high-quality LED Video wall solutions.

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