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NewStar LED Digital Signs Display

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High Impact LED Digital Signs For Various Indoor and Outdoor Use

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Customized Digital Signs Service for your LED Panel

NewStar Team absolutely support custom-made project where install in different locations either indoor or outdoor, all in accordance to your needs. Our team will ensure you receive the best LED Screen looking, humanization design easy to maintain and quickly install. We promise to provide online technical service, architecture drawing, and engineering.

Regular Signage Solutions

Basic Specifications

Pixel Pitch 6.35mm 8.46mm 10.16mm 10.16mm 16.93mm
Pixel Configurtion  SMD 2727  SMD 2727 SMD 2727  DIP 346  DIP 346
Module Size(WxH)  304.8mm*304.8mm 304.8mm*304.8mm 304.8mm*304.8mm 304.8mm*304.8mm 304.8mm*304.8mm
1ft * 1ft 1ft * 1ft 1ft * 1ft 1ft * 1ft 1ft * 1ft
Panel Dimension  Support Customized  Support Customized  Support Customized  Support Customized  Support Customized 
Brightness  7000 cd/m² nits 6500 cd/m² nits 6500 cd/m² nits 10000 cd/m² nits 9000 cd/m² nits
Input Voltage(V) AC110V-220V±10% AC110V-220V±10% AC110V-220V±10% AC110V-220V±10% AC110V-220V±10%
Input Power Frequency(Hz) 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60
Operational Temp / Humidity -20°-60°C, 10-90% RH
-4°-122°F, 10-90% RH
-20°-60°C, 10-90% RH
-4°-122°F, 10-90% RH
-20°-60°C, 10-90% RH
-4°-122°F, 10-90% RH
-20°-60°C, 10-90% RH
-4°-122°F, 10-90% RH
-20°-60°C, 10-90% RH
-4°-122°F, 10-90% RH
Cabinet Material Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal
Applications Indoor & Outdoor Fixed Installation

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