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We are your reliable provider of outdoor LED Video Walls!


For a reliable and high quality outdoor LED video walls for any types of events, don’t hesitate to call us. We have extensive selections of LED Video walls for outdoor applications to choose from.


Outdoor LED video walls that have high-resolution pictures or images, animation as well as text are surely a remarkable and powerful medium for marketing/advertising. For many decades now, we have witnessed LED video walls when out and about utilized by diverse agencies to get your attention and assist them in selling no matter what they are offering or telling us about. However, the disparity is that the LED video walls of these days are technologically far better than that of times gone by, and with the changing tech is getting better and superior all the time.


Maybe you like to stream full-color live pictures from live performances and sporting events; then, our outdoor video walls are the best and ideal solution.


With small pitch sizes available, 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.81mm as well as 4mm  on our outdoor video screen, you have remarkable image quality and due to the fact that the structures an expansive viewing angle both vertically and horizontally.


The cabinet is made to the IP65 waterproof rating as well as tested to make sure the best standard is complied with. High levels of brightness more than 5000 make sure superb image quality in direct sunray. Our LED drivers will show a broader spectrum at any level of light and provide a better array of shade or color for an evenly smoother and flawless viewing experience.


LED is considered the most vital components utilized in the making of an LED display, being about sixty percent of the whole expense or cost. So, you have to be sure and confident of the consistency and regularity and shade negating any call for screen calibration.


Calibration is vital when LEFD screen makers make use of diverse BIN LED. Calibration faints or dims the LED to the faintest LED, clearly providing you an inferior and inadequate screen. WE make sure that our outdoor LED video walls have the best and highest quality of LED.


We Provide Only the Best Outdoor LED Video Walls


We have many years of experience in providing high-quality outdoor LED Video walls for businesses and organizations. We are also the leader in the area of programmable LED display screens. We are dedicated to providing you the most excellent service. We are committed to style, design, development as well as the manufacture of superior, high-quality as well as cost-efficient displays.


We provide cheap and low cost outdoor LED video walls from our online shop/store. Please view our wide array of outdoor LED displays as well as programmable signs.


Don’t hesitate to  send us an email if you have queries or concerns. You can also fill out our online form. We are more than happy to give you the best service! Visit us now!

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