The Important Role Of LED Screen In People's Life

With the development of science and technology, LED large screen display with its richly endowed by nature advantages, widely used in entertainment, sports, transportation stations, businesses and other institutions in various places, become the dissemination of information, news releases, advertising is the most common display media.

The LED display set information, entertainment, propaganda function, and as new high-tech products, with its rich content of science and technology, delicate color performance, can set up a machine landscape. Generally speaking, the function of LED display can be classified into two categories:

1. video and text information release

The system can use video, pictures, text and other means to publish news, information, policies and regulations, weather forecast, convenience notice, public information, emergency notification, the above can be done according to the grading and grouping parts, playing at the same time can be achieved at any time insertion capabilities provide a guarantee for the immediate transfer of information.

2. live TV and live broadcast

As the city image project construction, the work of the government is the window units, can provide news and social work of the government for the general public, using the live module or all terminal broadcast TV news live video, etc.



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