Newstar-LED Supply P20mm Screen For Eritrea 25th Independent Military Review & Celebration

 There are three pieces outdoor full color LED display which designed and produced by Shenzhen Newstar-LED on May 22th, 2016, They were installed in a Stadium, Asmara ,the capital of Eritrea. These three screen display smoothly. These 3 pieces P20mm DIP highlight screen are for outdoor permanence fixed installation event, each display area is 13.44 m X 8.64 m = 116.12 square meters, cabinets size is 960mmx960mm, total area is 348.36 squaremeters.


The east African country of Eritrea is celebrating 25 years since it became independent from Ethiopia and the in the capital Asmara On May 24th, 2016. The government of Eritrea held this anniversary for 25th independence celebrations in this stadium. Eritrean President-honorific Isaias Afwerki, Eritrea political party, government personnel, mainly military officials, the delegation of Sudan government, every countries special envoy in Eritrea, armed forces,thousands of Eritreans domestic ,and foreign overseas representatives attended the ceremony, and a large-scale parade, ,artist group performances, student group performances ,etc.



    These three pieces screen, can display real-time images and review troops acivity live show. These screen’s superior visual effects,shocking performance ,to parade brought good results, making celebration atmosphere become better. During the parade process,they played an important role. These three pieces high brightness screen, with high - definition, wide viewing angle, long distance viewing,and nice waterproof. The audience who stand on most of the regions in stadium ,they can see the content of the video clearly. Brightness can be adjusted freely according to the external environment. Also audio equipment system is satisfactory. The Government of Eritrea is very satisfied about this P20mm solutions and services which designed and provided by newstar-led factory. Make sure that , we will have more projects and good cooperation in the future.

   Our concept is: Integrity - based, customer oriented, specialty achieving ,service seriously and quickly, supply better screen ,better pre-service, better after-sale service, prefect design and satisfy manufacture, these are our Newstar-LED persistent pursuit.

Eritrea 25th Independence

Eritrea celebrates 25 years of independence from Ethiopia


The east African country of Eritrea is celebrating 25 years since it became independent from Ethiopia and the in the capital Asmara. milestone



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