New LED Screen Project For Shopping Mall In Warsaw, Poland

Recently a new LED screen was built in Warsaw, Poland by Newstar. It is for the world famous brand Sephora, a French cosmetic shopping store.

For guaranteeing the installation and performance of LED screen, Newstar especially sent out its 2 engineers to cooperate with the client. After 3 days' hard work, the masterpiece was finally finished. With high definition, it is pretty suitable for close distance view. Its fantastic performance and vivid image quality deeply attracted everyone onsite.

Hereafter is brief information for the LED screen.

Pixel pitch: P4
Module size: 128mm *128mm
Each Screen Size: W1.152m * H2.944m ( Width- 9pcs, Height- 23pcs)
Total: 4 Screens

Newstar, as a LED screen manufacturing specialist, we not only provide our clients' the right product but also offer the most suitable and cost effective solution. We welcome any question or inquiry from our clients, no matter whom they are or where they are from. We will try our best to help and satisfy them.


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