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After two months' study on the technical solutions. Newstar has reached at an agreement with a tennis club of France and successufully signed the contract of the indoor stadium advertising. Below is the indoor stadium project information.


Product Model: P10 Indoor stadium LED Display                              Cabinet Size; 960 x 800 x 135 mm

Quantity of Cabinets: 33 pcs for each perimneter of the stadium .    Total : 66 pcs

Date of Installation: 12, DEC 2015.                                                    Place of Installation:  France


Stadium LED Display is widely used in indoor and outdoor stadiums with characteristics of high brightness, large viewing distance, high safety, fast installation and random length; function of windbreak, rainproof and waterproof as well as freewill to display block ads and scene real-time playback videos. Stadium LED Display can be divided into scoring screen, perimeter screen, advertising screen and stadium screen etc.

Newstar's indoor stadium led display choose SMD leds with wide viewing angle, good color uniformity and high contrast ratio. And iron cabinet with four Scattered heat supply network holes which can be excellent cooling way.

Indoor stadium led display with soft mask design which can be bump shield. Two top registration mast and side locks make it easy to do connection between panels. Base plate at the bottom of the led display cabinet make it stable during working.


(Source: Shenzhen Newstar Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd)

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