Multi-Smart Series P6 P8 P10 New Launched Suitable For Multi-Functions Both Indoor & Outdoor, Rental & Fixed Installation, Front & Rear Maintenance

Multi-Smart Series is the most powerful staring product line that Newstar launches into the LED display market in Year 2015. Now this smart series family has developed P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm available for the applications and will continue to grow more.

It combines and integrates almost all advantages and functions of the existing models in the whole rental and fixed LED display supply market that customers may need and concern. The features are designed strongly for outdoor use but also suitable for indoor use meanwhile. That makes it intelligent and can be used to set up LED display in all conditions.

* Two way maintenance FRONT & REAR

-- Support both FRONT maintenance and regular traditional REAR maintenance way simultaneously ensuring customer effective and quick react to whatever occasions and environments the LED display being installed. Customers donnot need to worry about the maintenance space problem as well as man power saved.

* Multi-designed smart features suitable for both Indoor & Outdoor LED display applications:

-- Multi pixel pitch: P6.67mm, P8mm, P10mm
-- IP65 protection rating
-- High Brightness: 5500 to 7000cd/m2 or above

* Fit for both Rental or Fixed installation

-- Intelligent and compact cabinet housing and 2-way maintenance designed features make the cabinet suitable for both removable hang up or fixed stage rental installation, and fixed billboard advertising installation

* Light weight 7kg portable Aluminum Cabinet 640*640*90mm

-- Ultra slim and Light design make the LED display easy and handy to hung up or set up

* Quickly removable module easy to maintain or dismantle:
-- only 2 screws on each module makes it very quick and ultra easy to remove the module on site.

* High precision: Precision < 0.05mm


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