LED Display Of Performance Requirements And The Selection Of Pipe Core

LED display, a kind of items is often seen in everyday life, is also a kind of application is very wide range of devices. Is because of its application is very much, so it is necessary for us to know it well. In the site's article has made some basic introduction, laid the foundation for follow-up study. Today we continue to learn the related knowledge of LED display, including two aspects, as the performance requirements and selection of the tube core, hope can help to you.


  1. The performance requirements of the LED display


  (1) in the LED display, by integrating components photoelectric drive circuit, to receive the assignment card in the digital signal, and thus drive the light bright and dark, needed to form words or patterns. Say so, photoelectric drive circuit quality or not, related to the lights can work normally. Driving circuit and photoelectric quality, is determined by the quality of the IC devices, so to ensure the quality of IC devices, so as to guarantee the quality of the photoelectric drive circuit.


  (2) the power of the LED display, general requirements within five years, should be lower than 1% failure rate. The quality of power supply is determined by power supply manufacturers, general stability of the power supply is good now, we should choose when the choice good quality and brand, so have a guarantee.


  (3) the overall requirements of editing system, broadcasting system is able to provide a simple and interactive programming/play environment, so we can use a hierarchical and modular method, it can make it has good reliability and scalability.


  2. LED display in the choice of tube core


  To choose a good brand first, and then select good technical parameters, so that the LED display to achieve the best. In particular, basically has the following these aspects, as follows: Core tube size: LED display for more than 13 mil, single/double full color LED display for more than 9 mil, it will affect the chip fever and service life. Brightness: tube core will affect the brightness of the LED display, are generally tube core brightness than the requirements of the LED display brightness. Tube core wavelength: it will affect the LED display display colors, usually with the wavelength, red is 640 nm, is 525 nm green, blue is 470 nm. Uniformity of the tube core: it will affect the uniformity of LED display, including two aspects of brightness uniformity and uniformity of the wavelength, is generally required wavelength deviation is 2.5 nm, brightness deviation less than 10%.



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