How LED Display Is Divided

Divided by control

1, the screen - the screen by the single-chip control, mainly for text display, itself can work independently, you can use the remote control input information, but also with the computer communication, to receive information from the Vatican, because this type of LED display usually Made a strip, so that the screen.

2, graphic screen - graphic screen by the single-chip control, generally no gray-scale control, that is, only one brightness level of light-emitting pixels, through the light-emitting point of light or off the group or graphic display, dual-color graphics screen can display red Green and yellow three colors. Graphic screen and computer communication, receiving computer information, generally use asynchronous communication, a computer can control a number of block graphics screen. Graphic screen can work offline to display the last received display.

According to the use of the environment

1, indoor - indoor screen refers to the LED display for the indoor environment, because the viewing distance is short, the area is much smaller than the outdoor screen, so the pixels are smaller.

2, semi-outdoors - between the indoor screen and outdoor screen, the brightness requirements than the indoor high, not waterproof, generally installed in the shops, hotels, the company entrance or less rain, watching distance is generally in the 5M-150M between.

3, outdoor - outdoor screen refers to the LED display for outdoor environments, requiring a higher brightness, the general use of condenser package, sacrifice perspective in exchange for brightness; in the structural design to consider waterproof, moisture, corrosion and other measures; Larger area.



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