HD LED Display Used In Dispatching

Newstar HD LED Display for Dispatching Center


Different from DLP and LCD, indoor HD LED Display is now become hot in the Dispatching center, command center.


Dispatching system is the visualized solution of dispatching information in highway, railway, shipping,airlift, army and enterprises. The system sends the gathering and arranging information as well as the computing results of various models to the LED display screen. The information and results can be displayed simply and clearly in high definition by LED display screen. Though the process, decision makers can know the local situation quickly and precisely. Besides, they can analyze and judge the pro and cons of different dispatching projects. Man – machine communication operation is used to supervise and dispatch the whole system, which will help decision makers to make the right decision and improve work efficiency of dispatching center. What’s more, it will bring convenience to various producing dispatch, especially in crisis handling.


Dispatching system Diagram for reference




(Source: LED Display Techhnology Daily)

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