Future Of Full Color Waterproof Outdoor LED Display Market

Future of full color waterproof Outdoor LED Display Market

Outdoor advertising has a very long history in the development of the city at the same time there have been cities complement each other, and outdoor advertising has irreplaceable value. LED display from development since just a few years, it accounted for half of the outdoor market, the market share of up to 60%. Today, the use of the display in the outdoor has become the future trend.

The consensus from the media industry: traditional outdoor advertising, such as the big, light boxes, single column, visible distance limited, single screen, outdoor media apparently has been unable to fully meet today's market demands. Accompanied by the application of new technologies,new emerging form of outdoor advertising, outdoor LED screen media should be timely.


Full color led display rapid global development of a new type of display media in the 1990s, it combines modern high-tech, energy saving, environmental protection, colorful, dynamic picture and text can be displayed, the visual range is broad series of advantage. Large outdoor LED screen advertising screen, the visual effect is shocking, fully attract the attention of the audience, is a combination of new media and high-tech.

LED display media at the same time effectively reach high advertising features, put in the form of comparison with television, newspapers and other media, the price is relatively low. These unique value LED display outdoor media naturally become the new darlings of the media. CBD core area of Times Square in New York and Tokyo, Japan Ginza row upon row of LED screen not only advertising marketing functions, is also a status symbol of the world-renowned enterprises the - corporate dominance in the industry to be able to broadcast in ad in broadcast advertising companies allow people to perceive its brand in the world.


Unlike traditional outdoor media, LED display not just simple outdoor media, which at the same time both the features and benefits of television and other media. However, LED display is not just an extension of the simple outdoor media and television media, it has a greater creative space and a broader three-dimensional space of interaction and communication with consumers time and space, to meet the individual needs of the digital age spread The concept is a unique form of screen.


Surviving in the outdoor LED display certain technical defects, but does not affect the LED screen has a broad market space with unlimited development.


-----Comes from Newstar Marketing ( 2015-12-7)



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