From P4.81 To P20 Outdoor Front Service LED Display Module

From P4.81 to P20 Outdoor front service LED Display Module


Now,more and more LED Display need mount on wall, to make the screen Integrate with the surroundings,

People’s eyes prefer more fine picture quality, enjoy more good experience


To meet this two trends,we have develop outdoor front service LED module.

 The front service LED screen can replace modules, power supply and receiving cards from the front, you only need to loosen and tight 


A front LED display module can also be installed to save costs, since it does not request maintenance space, steel structure can be very small. If the screen is mounted on a wall, front service will be the perfect solution.


The front service solution of Newstar including SMD P4.81, P5.95, P6.67, P8, P10 and DIP P10, P16 and P20.Panel size can be customized on the basis of LED screen module size.

1ft by 1 ft outdoor front service LED display module is under developing,we will show 2 pcs 1ft by 1 ft outdoor front service LED module on 2017 ISA show in Las vegas.


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