Daily Maintenance Of Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED display daily maintenance will know the matters needing attention


In use process, cause harm to the outdoor led display a variety of reasons, need to be waterproof, dustproof, heat dissipation, anti-corrosion, anti-static, lightning protection, small animals, and doing regular maintenance and overhaul.




1. The screen surface clean

Led display after long time use to clean the screen body surface accumulation of dust and impurities. First purchase of electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, anti-static fluid, etc., will be a little spray cleaning fluid on a clean cloth, then wipe gently along the same direction, and before cleaning, need to put the power cord. Finally, the use of vacuum suction wet water and water mark after washing.




2. The fastening of outdoor led display

Large led display belongs to high power consumption equipment, due to stop and run for many times, including the terminal of the power supply part due to the hot and cold can cause looseness, serious when heat ignited by plastic components. Moisture erosion can lead to poor contact, so you must often check fitting degree of fastening of space equipment. The fasteners, the timing and the right should be forcibly even, to ensure solid and effective.


3. The correction of outdoor led display

There are 100000 hours in the theory of life of the led display, but in fact, a display screen after a run of about 5000 ~ 10000 hours will evenness worsened, began to grow flowers, commercial value is reduced, at this point for point by point correction.



4. A visual inspection of outdoor led display

From the appearance of the display device for a visual or observation, test. Including equipment surface without damage Communications distribution cable circuit is normal. Steel structure to check for outdoor screen surface paint and rust. At the same time also want to display on a regular basis heat lightning protection equipment for maintenance. For more led display technology please land on : www.newstar-led.com



(Source: www.newstar-led.com)

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