Curved LED Screen- Newapplications On The LED Screen

There are more and more applications on the LED screen. Currently, a new trend is, customers want to have new design, to look for other requirements on the market. For example, curved LED screen.


On the stage, clients have been not satisfied by the simple video wall backdrop as before. They want to give new idea to their client. Now curved design will give them this idea, a curved led wall backdrop. How to become more and more competitive, if you have a curved option while your competitors don’t, it makes you competitive.


Not only on the rental market, but also on all kinds of indoor and outdoor building, decorate projects, curved led video wall become a new selling points.


Newstar’s curved Epoch LED cabinet supports ±15 degree, it’s able to meet most requirements in the events and fixed installation projects. The 500x1000mm cabinet is easy and fast to assemble and dismantle. For rental, it will give client convenience. For fixed installation, it is strong enough to work in every kind of environment and installation.


We give it both hanging and mounting install for different application.


In no matter which country or market, this is a new trend, a new requirement. It will bring you.



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