Chinese LED Displays Go Live At Brazil World Cup 2014

The Brazil World Cup 2014, which officially kicked off on June 13, 2014 at São Paulo is entering climax. This year's game has taken an interesting turn, since the last World Cup champion Spain was knocked out of the game. Sixty four years have elapsed since soccer nation Brazil hosted the global sports event. Although, the Chinese soccer team was disqualified from the World Cup this year, Chinese-made LED displays have successfully earned "front row seats" to the world's top sports event.

Brazil World Cup brings Chinese LED display walking out another new step, This Sport Event soon let people acknowledge "China made". Chinese LED displays are famous in the whole world now, whenever and wherever you walk in the street of Brazil, the passionate people can always recognize you and say:" Hi, are you from China, Would you like to take a photo with me?" and that moment, a feeling named pride emits spontaneously from your deep heart.

However the Chinese stock market always suffered from the "World Cup Curse," where the stock market tends to drop. Usually on the day of a popular sports event, the stocks trade volume declines, and stock prices tend to fall about 60 percent, but a day after the sports event the stock trade and prices will rebound, said QF Securities Analyst Qinsheng Shi.

The recent LEDs data reveals Chinese LED displays export scale can have a continuous rising trend, the Chinese LED Displays are traveling around and lighting up the world!


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