2018 LED Screen Industry

Market of small pixel pitch is rising sharply,stage rental led panel back to warm,application of transparent led screen open......All the haze of Homogenization swept away.In fact,there are more markets and business opportunity to explore.

Then 2018,what we should pay attention to led screen?

1.The world Cup 2018 is upcoming,LED screen will re-sparkle world

International big sport events such as World Cup has special meaning to LED screen industry.Since 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,China LED screen frequently strike international event Like Brazil World Cup and Sochi Olympic Winter Games.Then in 2018 World Cup,How China led screen shine the world?


Since development of China led screen industry,there are several excellent enterprises,famous brand,and the products with perfect、high-end、advanced image is popular around overseas market.Above all some Russian stadium has applied domestic led screen program so far.

2.E-sports display market is striking,demand for large led screen

It’s a revelry for e-sports field when Beijing Nest hold the final match of league of legends,which attract world attention.It’s a new full market for led screen industry.


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