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Shenzhen Newstar Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is leading indoor rental led display, full color led display and stage events led screen manufacturer and supplier in China, we are always dedicated to provide the latest solutions of stage rental display to clients. Welcome wholesales rental led display from us.

Cloud series rental led display with lighter, thinner and front service structure design help to achieve a better interoperability in stage events. Installation, dismantle, maintenance or turn around for different events becomes easier with small cabinet size and fast springs locks, light weight design. Small pixel picth models are available enable us to pursue high definition viewing effect.

Cloud Series led display with light and slim body: Each panel is only 7Kg and size : 500 x 50 x 65 mm make it portable during installation and dismantle work.

Thanks to the heat radiation processing and aluminum structure design, Cloud series rental led display has an excellent cooling effect. Humanized indicators enable us to detect the fault quickly and easily.


Comprehensive Advantages

1. LED Screen flatness: Strictly SMD processing and surface flatness detection technology help to achieve high quality screen flatness.
2. High contrast ratio brings you animated pictures and video shows. Cloud series use black leds and inferior smooth mask to realize what we expect.
3. Calibration technology help us obtain a better color uniformity and viewing effect

4. Latest Driver IC solution in light series design to resolve  Mosaic, Ghost phenomenon and improve the gray scale easily. 

5. With control solution of updated version support brightness pixel-pixel correction and gray scale adjustment automaticaly


Core Technique solution of Cloud Series


1.High Quality Driver IC


Brand Driver IC solution with Anti-ghost function help reduce your worry. With ≥ 1920Hz refresh rate enable us to do Live Broadcasting, lifelike animated picture and videos bring us an eye feast;

2.Low gray level adjustment effect


Cloud series with excellent gray level automatically adjustment function to meet your requirement on the brightness and color uniformity for an indoor stage events..

3.Calibration Before Packing to ensure Consistency


Application of Cloud Series


Cloud series rental led display is widely used in stage events, such as Night Club, Concerts, Entertainment center. Expo Events ( such as cars exhibition center), new product lauching,  press conference or presentation. TV station and meeting room, Wedding events.






Cloud Series-I500x500mm-Parameters
     Model     CS-3      CS-4      CS-5      CS-6
     Pixel Pitch     3.91 mm      4.46 mm      5.21 mm      6.25 mm
     LED Type     SMD2020 (black)      SMD2020 (black)      SMD3528      SMD3528
     Configuration     1R1G1B      1R1G1B      1R1G1B      1R1G1B
     Module Size     250*250 mm      250*250 mm      250*250 mm      250*250 mm
     Pixel Density     65536 pixel/      50176 pixel/      36864 pixel/      25600 pixel/
     Refresh Rate     ≥ 1920Hz      ≥ 1920Hz      ≥ 1920Hz      ≥ 1920Hz
     Gray Scale     16 Bit      16 Bit      16 Bit      16 Bit
     Brightness     ≥ 1200 cd/      ≥ 1200 cd/      ≥ 1200 cd/      ≥ 1200 cd/
     Scan Way     1/16      1/14      1/12      1/8
     Frame Rate     50HZ~60HZ      50HZ~60HZ      50HZ~60HZ      50HZ~60HZ
     Viewing Angle     H:140°, V:140°      H:140°, V:140°      H:140°, V:140°      H:140°, V:140°
     Cabinet Resolution     128*128 Dots      112*112 Dots      96*96 Dots      80*80 Dots
     Material     Aluminum      Aluminum      Aluminum      Aluminum
     Cabinet Size     500*500*65mm      500*500*65mm      500*500*65mm      500*500*65mm
     Cabinet Weight     7Kg      7Kg      7Kg      7Kg
     IP Rating     IP31      IP31      IP31      IP31
     Max.Power Consumption     210W/Panel      190W/Panel      170W/Panel      170W/Panel
     Avg.Power Consumption     70W/Panel      65W/Panel      55W/Panel      55W/Panel
     Control System     Nova/Linsn/Dbstar      Nova/Linsn/Dbstar      Nova/Linsn/Dbstar      Nova/Linsn/Dbstar
     Operation System     Windows/me/200NT/XP      Windows/me/200NT/XP      Windows/me/200NT/XP      Windows/me/200NT/XP
     Working-Temperature     '-20~60      '-20~60      '-20~60      '-20~60
     Working Humidity     10%~90% RH      10%~90% RH      10%~90% RH      10%~90% RH
     Input Voltage     AC 110~220 V (±5%      AC 110~220 V (±5%      AC 110~220 V (±5%      AC 110~220 V (±5%
     Blind spot rate     ≤0.01%      ≤0.01%      ≤0.01%      ≤0.01%
     MTBF     35000 Hour      35000 Hour      35000 Hour      35000 Hour
     Lifespan     100000 Hour      100000 Hour      100000 Hour      100000 Hour
     Certification     CCC,CE,RosH,ETL      CCC,CE,RosH,ETL      CCC,CE,RosH,ETL      CCC,CE,RosH,ETL


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