China P5.95 Thunder Series Outdoor Rental LED Display

Shenzhen Newstar Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd is a top level China  Indoor led display manufacturer and supplier, we are always dedicated to provide the latest stage rental led display product and solutions to our clients. Welcome purchase Thound Series indoor and outdoor Rental LED Display screen from us.(Editor:Poppy20190125)



Thunder series-I is an high quality professional stage rental events led display,can be curve,  with cabinet size  500 x 500 mm, 8Kg/Panel make it portable. Die-casting aluminum structure as cabinet forming help to achieve an high precision. Fast lock design enable us to do quick installation and dismantle. Moreover, Epoch Series-I with commonatly module design of different pixel pitch eable us to replace and not need to buy a new cabinet, which can be cost saving.




How to do maintenance ?


The latest Thunder Series indoor rental led display with humanized design on service structure. With front service tool, magnet adsorption,you can do the replacing power supply/ receiving card/Hub Board from front side by youself easily, not need to worry module drop and break, save time and backside sapce.





Core technology and advantages of Thunder Series 

Usually, an higher refresh rate (≥2880Hz) is required for Live Show Events , and gray scale will need 65,536 level or above. Also an higher contrast ratio will be helpful to achieve better quality pictures.

1. Improve contrast ratio

Good quality black leds adopted into Thunder Series design  which can abtain an high contrast ratio and good uniformity.


Screen Aging in factory. 




2.High quality Driver IC and control solution

How to elimate Ghost and Bright line phenomenon, high quality Brand Driver IC MBI5124 with Anti-ghost function help reducing your worry.And ≥ 1920Hz refresh rate in the solution enable us to do Live Show without water Ripple and Mosaic phenomenon, life like animated pictures and videos bring us an eye feast; Moreover, Thunder series with the latest control solution support pixel-pixel brightness correction and gray scale adjustment.


3. Calibration and white Balance Brightness testing



Application of Thunder Series 

Because of its excellent display quality, slim and light body, Thunder Series Rental LED Displays are widely used in stage rental events, Exhibitions, Car Show, Shopping Mall, TV station, Bar, Presentations, weddings.





Thunder Series-O500x500mm-Parameters


5.95 mm



250*250 mm

28224 pixel/

≥ 2880Hz

16 Bit

≥ 6000 cd/



H:140°, V:140°

84*84 Dots

Die-casting Aluminum



Front IP65, Rear IP54






     10%~90% RH

     AC 110~220 V (±5%


     35000 Hour

     100000 Hour




Packing: wooden case will be cheaper, suitable for fixed installation, Flight case with wheel will be for more convience for stage rental activity.


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